What is the best currency in Minecraft?

  1. Durability- The currency chosen has to be fairly durable and easy to take care of.
  2. Portability- The currency has to be easily portable.
  3. Divisibility- The currency should be able to be divided up into smaller denominations.
  4. Uniformity- All of the currency has to look the same and be the same.
  5. Limited supply- The supply of the currency cannot be increasing rapidly.
  6. Acceptability- People have to recognize the currency as valid.
  1. It has to be relatively rare.
  2. It has to be finite.
  3. It has to be available in all biomes.
  4. It has to be uniform.
  5. It has to be durable.
  6. It should hold intrinsic value.
  7. Has to be findable by the players within the first few days of the game.
  1. They both have a finite supply.
  2. They are both mined, and more of it is added to the supply when people mine it.
  3. They both act as a decentralized currency.




A high school student and aspiring economist.

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John Lewis

John Lewis

A high school student and aspiring economist.

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